I-Tech Detox Therapy

The first line that regulates your daily skin routine and protects the skin against smog and electro-smog. It has been created for those who stay “online” in the modern surrounding world, polluted environment, ervasive technology emitting harmful HEV radiation.

All these negative factors are reflected in your skin condition. They reduce the protective syste; intensity oxidative stress and accumulation of toxins.

A modern lifestyle disturbs the routine by insufficient sleep and reduction of melatonin. The innovative i-Tech Detox Therapy forms a protective shield against the effects of technology and urban lifestyle. 

Recommended For Those Who:

  • Work and spend a lot of time in front of devices emitting blue light (computers, tablets, smartphones, TV)-Electro-Smog.
  • Are stressed
  • Suffer from insufficient sleep
  • Work shifts
  • Frequently travel
  • Are exposed to smog
  • Live in a city.

Number of treatments: 6-10. Frequency :every 7-14 days

Active Ingredients

Citystem. Patented With Ecocert

  • Shield- blocks penetration of blue radiation and adhesion of contamination
  • Detox- eliminates free radicals, protects against cell damage
  • Repair- strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, stimulates skin metabolism
  • Clean- reduces blackheads
  • Instant refreshment – brightens the skin and reduces fatigue.


  • Balance – restores proper level of melatonin
  • Clock- regulates daily(radial), biological skin routine
  • Sleep- guarantees rested and radiant skin.
  • Detox – reduces glycotoxins.
  • Repair – chronobiological regeneratio.
  • Freshness – extract from “Persians silk tree”.


  • Shield – protects against HEV, VIS and UV radiation

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