Peeling Cavitation

Cavitation peeling is a treatment consist of cleansing the skin using ultrasound. Removal of impurities and dead cells takes place safely and painlessly. It is a system for deep skin and skin regeneration, without side effects.

Cavitation peeling effect on the skin gently through the pleasant, natural vibrations. This device allows for deep skin regeneration through rapid and effective for renewal and groom at great depth, resulting in – visibly noticeable – the skin renewed and refreshed.

Cavitation peeling allows for precise removal of excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles, getting rid of calloused skin, blackheads and bacteria.

Cavitation peeling can be performed on the face, neck and back.

The waves emitted by the apparatus massage the skin and make the active substances into the dermis.


Deep pore cleansing allows for better ion exchange and oxygenation of the skin, preparing the skin for any cosmetic application, takes a natural, deep penetration of products without the use of electricity.

The effect of excited energy causes the melanin decreases and skin discoloration and blemishes disappear.

Cavitation peeling can be used for very sensitive skin, delicate and thin, prone to irritation and dilated capillaries, as well as non-invasive cleansing treatment for acne and oily.


  • Cleansing the skin
  •  Firming tissue (micro)
  •  Treatment of Acne
  •  Remove dead cells, blackheads
  •  Stimulation of cell metabolism
  •  The effect of lightening the skin

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