Transform HA Therapy

Therapy to fill up wrinkles and increasing skin density. Novelty rejuvenating therapy based on a unique, in terms of effectiveness and construction, transformable hyaluronic acid.

Thanks to small particles and deformable shell allow hyaluronic acid to penetrate to deep layers of skin.

Effects are visible after first application: filling in lines, deep and long hydration-more effective than with free hyaluronic acid. Main active ingredients: transformable hyaluronic acid.

Who is it for?

Every type of mature skin. Wrinkles / flabby skin. Tired / dry skin. As a follow-up to aesthetic treatments with fillers. As an alternative to treatments with fillers.

Recommended Frequency: 4-8 procedures, each conducted every 10-14 days.

Active Ingredients

Transformable Hyaluronic Acid

  • Ensures thorough, long-term hydration
  • Inhibits TEWL
  • Fills in and plumps out fine lines
  • Boosts skin regeneration
  • Helps maintain the results of aesthetic treatments

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